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Coney Island!

Coney Island!

Husband and wife team, Leah Tinari, a painter, and Martin Kirchoff, a set builder, designed and built the restaurant together. Leah & Marty grew up with a passion for food and believe that coming together for a meal should be a fun, memorable and satisfying experience. Both Marty and Leah have always been smitten with dinning out in New York and have a history growing up and working in the restaurant world.  After stumbling upon this small storefront on the LES they decided to jump in and open a place of their own.

They are joined by Matias Hernandez, former sous chef at Fatty Crab. Matias heads up the intimate Fatta Cuckoo kitchen. He brings bold, well seasoned flavors to all the proteins and seasonal fare. Janice, Leah's mom, bakes all the sweets at Fatta Cuckoo.

Janice also is chef-owner of her own Bistro in New Jersey. Janice's desserts are delicious and the Fatta Cuckoo staff has been told more than once by Floridians that she makes some of the best key lime pie they have ever tasted! Come and visit us, we want to know you!


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